Json Exporter

JDE is designed to provide a high-quality and reliable converter for exporting 3ds Max geometry and animations into the Json 3D Format, a concise and general-purpose runtime format which can be easily integrated into any D3D and OpenGL / WebGL game engines. It has support for standard and multi-subobject materials, multitextures, procedural textures, skin and physique modifiers, standard bones, biped and CAT animations, uv transform and much more.

If you find it helpful, please consider buy jde pro to support future development.

Last Updated: 08-01-2019

Name Ver File
Json 3D Exporter for 3ds Max 2020 1.1.3 freejde_max2020.zip
Json 3D Exporter for 3ds Max 2019 1.1.3 freejde_max2019.zip
Json 3D Exporter for 3ds Max 2018 1.1.3 freejde_max2018.zip
Json 3D Exporter for 3ds Max 2017 1.1.3 freejde_max2017.zip
Json 3D Exporter for 3ds Max 2016 1.1.3 freejde_max2016.zip
What's New

The interface is very similar to glTF exporter
Editable Spline and morph target are now supported!

jde free

Json Loader

Allows you to load json models in three.js, a WebGL framework for building 3d games with HTML5.
See the tutorial: Import Json 3D Models and Animations in WebGL with Three.js

Last Updated: 01-29-2023 Version 1.1.0
Name File
Json 3D Loader for Threejs jdloader_threejs.zip
New Features

Spline, Skinning and None-Skinning Animation.