Alin DirectX Exporter

axe free This is a 3ds Max plugin allowing you to export your 3ds Max scenes as DirectX (.x) files which can be used in development of games, simulations, and real-time applications. It supports standard and multi-subobject or DirectX shader materials, bezier patch, editable poly or mesh geometry, skin and physique modifiers, biped and CAT animations. The latest release can even convert a standard material with multiple UV coordinates to a DirectX material(.fx) and generate shader code such as tangent-space normal mapping. Download it now !

Supported Features:

  • Editable Patch, Editable Mesh and Poly.
  • Normal, Tangent and Binormal.
  • Specular level and glossiness.
  • UV tile, mirror, clamp.
  • Dummies or IK Chain nodes.
  • Vertex Color and Alpha.
  • DirectX Shader Material.
  • Procedural Textures.
  • Multi-channel Textures.
  • Multiple texture coordinate sets.
  • Multi-SubObject Materials conversion.
  • Multiple animation sets.
  • Key frames animation.
  • Skin and Physique modifiers.
  • Standard bones, CAT and Biped .
  • Matrix / SRT Animation keys.
  • Vertex duplication list.
  • Global or Inline material list.
  • Right-handed or Left-handed space and scale.
  • Text / Binary / Compressed file format.
  • Automatically detect and fix error skin.
  • Convert textures to dds, tga, png, jpg, bmp.
  • Generate effect file(.fx) for multiple textures.
  • Frames in local space(hierarchy) or world space.
  • Support 3ds Max 2017 and the older versions such as 3ds Max 7


2017-07-16   v2.2.5 Fixed bug with custom normals.

2016-09-10   v2.2.0 Many bugs are fixed, especially the bind pose issues.

2016-06-08   v2.1.7 Fix bugs in tangents and texture files, added new options: X-Rot and Z-Rot for coordinate system.

2016-05-16   v2.1.6 Fix bugs in animations and material specular color.

2015-04-06   v2.1.5 Add new option Multi-Textures and support more uv sets when doesn't use DeclData.

2015-02-24   v2.1.2 Fix issues in material, multiple textures, uv sets and batch exports via MAXScript.

2014-03-22   v2.0.9 Fix some crash bugs. Improve compatibility with importers like Assimp.

2013-11-11   v2.0.5 Support procedural textures(Noise, etc). Add Skin option to export separate files for skeleton and skinned mesh.

2013-09-12   v2.0.4 Fix issues with texture path and keyframe animation. Add option for duplicate node name.

2013-08-31   v2.0.3 Fix issues with dummies and other nodes. Now free version users can use Right-handed option.

2013-07-26   v2.0.1 Add many important Options: Right-handed space, scale, optimize for Matrix or SRT keys, key frames animation.

2013-06-16   v1.9.9 Add new options for custom timeline which can be used to transform sequential times or control animation speed.

2013-04-07   v1.9.6 Fix a crash problem caused by a Max bug. Add support for texture conversion.

2013-03-25   v1.9.5 Update for Non-Patch skinning and animation.

2013-03-17   v1.9.4 Editable Patch animation conversion is probably one of the most difficult tasks but it's available now!

2013-03-09   v1.9.3 Update for animation with higher-order primitives.

2013-02-26   v1.9.1 CAT skeletal animation system is supported. Bone's mesh can be exported and many bugs are fixed.

2013-01-01   v1.8.8 Support UV Address Mode: Tile, Mirror, Clamp.

2012-05-24   v1.7 Support generating fx files and HLSL shader code.

2012-04-24   v1.6 Support multi-subobject materials and multiple UV sets.

2006-07-30   v0.7 The first edition for 3ds Max 8.