Json Exporter

JDE is designed to provide a high-quality and reliable converter for exporting 3ds Max geometry and animations into the Json 3D Format, a concise and general-purpose runtime format which can be easily integrated into any D3D and OpenGL / WebGL game engines. It has support for standard and multi-subobject materials, multitextures, procedural textures, skin and physique modifiers, standard bones, biped and CAT animations, uv transform and much more.

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Last Updated: 07-16-2017
Name Ver File
Json 3D Exporter for 3ds Max 2018 1.0.9 64 Bitjde_max2018.zip
Json 3D Exporter for 3ds Max 2017 1.0.9 64 Bitjde_max2017.zip
Json 3D Exporter for 3ds Max 2016 1.0.9 64 Bitjde_max2016.zip

Json Loader

Allows you to load json models in three.js, a WebGL framework for building 3d games with HTML5.
See the tutorial: Import Json 3D Models and Animations in WebGL with Three.js

Last Updated: 4-4-2017 Version 1.0.3
Name File
Json 3D Loader for Threejs jdloader_threejs.zip
   var loader = new THREE.JDLoader();
   loader.load("player.jd",     // your model file
               function (data)  // your callback function
                  //the loader create MeshPhongMaterial array by default, 
                  //if you need to use ShaderMaterial you should use data.jd_materials 
                  var materials = data.materials;     // the global material array
                  var geometry = data.geometries[0];  // the first mesh
                  var skinnedMesh = new THREE.SkinnedMesh(geometry, new THREE.MultiMaterial(materials));
                  mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer(skinnedMesh);
                  action = mixer.clipAction(geometry.animations[0]);  // the first animation clip