Alin glTF Exporter

gltf exporter The Age plugin is designed to provide fast, flexible and reliable data conversion from 3ds Max to glTF file format while doesn't require you to script. It supports standard and multi-subobject or glTF materials, bezier patch, editable spline, editable poly or mesh geometry, skin and physique modifiers, biped and CAT animations.

Alin X Exporter

x exporter This is a 3ds Max plugin allowing you to export your 3ds Max scenes as DirectX (.x) files which can be used in development of games, simulations, and real-time applications. The latest release can even convert a standard material with multiple UV coordinates to a DirectX material(.fx) and generate shader code such as tangent-space normal mapping. Download it now !

Supported Features:

  • Editable Patch, Editable Mesh and Poly.
  • Normal, Tangent and Binormal.
  • Specular level and glossiness.
  • UV tile, mirror, clamp.
  • Dummies or IK Chain nodes.
  • Vertex Color and Alpha.
  • DirectX Shader Material.
  • Procedural Textures.
  • Multi-channel Textures.
  • Multiple texture coordinate sets.
  • Multi-SubObject Materials conversion.
  • Multiple animation sets.
  • Key frames animation.
  • Skin and Physique modifiers.
  • Standard bones, CAT and Biped .
  • Matrix / SRT Animation keys.
  • Vertex duplication list.
  • Global or Inline material list.
  • Right-handed or Left-handed space and scale.
  • Text / Binary / Compressed file format.
  • Automatically detect and fix error skin.
  • Convert textures to dds, tga, png, jpg, bmp.
  • Generate effect file(.fx) for multiple textures.
  • Frames in local space(hierarchy) or world space.
  • Support 3ds Max 2024 and the older versions such as 3ds Max 7


2021-02-21   v2.2.8 Fixed bug in texture convertion.

2019-10-21   v2.2.6 Fixed bug for key optimize cannot be set to 0 in pro version.

2017-07-16   v2.2.5 Fixed bug with custom normals, especially modeling with edit normals modifier.

2016-09-10   v2.2.0 Many bugs are fixed, especially the bind pose issues.

2016-06-08   v2.1.7 Fix bugs in tangents and texture files, added new options: X-Rot and Z-Rot for coordinate system.

2016-05-16   v2.1.6 Fix bugs in animations and material specular color.

2015-04-06   v2.1.5 Add new option Multi-Textures and support more uv sets when doesn't use DeclData.

2015-02-24   v2.1.2 Fix issues in material, multiple textures, uv sets and batch exports via MAXScript.

2014-03-22   v2.0.9 Fix some crash bugs. Improve compatibility with importers like Assimp.

2013-11-11   v2.0.5 Support procedural textures(Noise, etc). Add Skin option to export separate files for skeleton and skinned mesh.

2013-09-12   v2.0.4 Fix issues with texture path and keyframe animation. Add option for duplicate node name.

2013-08-31   v2.0.3 Fix issues with dummies and other nodes. Now free version users can use Right-handed option.

2013-07-26   v2.0.1 Add many important Options: Right-handed space, scale, optimize for Matrix or SRT keys, key frames animation.

2013-06-16   v1.9.9 Add new options for custom timeline which can be used to transform sequential times or control animation speed.

2013-04-07   v1.9.6 Fix a crash problem caused by a Max bug. Add support for texture conversion.

2013-03-25   v1.9.5 Update for Non-Patch skinning and animation.

2013-03-17   v1.9.4 Editable Patch animation conversion is probably one of the most difficult tasks but it's available now!

2013-03-09   v1.9.3 Update for animation with higher-order primitives.

2013-02-26   v1.9.1 CAT skeletal animation system is supported. Bone's mesh can be exported and many bugs are fixed.

2013-01-01   v1.8.8 Support UV Address Mode: Tile, Mirror, Clamp.

2012-05-24   v1.7 Support generating fx files and HLSL shader code.

2012-04-24   v1.6 Support multi-subobject materials and multiple UV sets.

2006-07-30   v0.7 The first edition for 3ds Max 8.