X Exporter

I'm glad to announce X exporter v2.3.0 and glTF exporter for 3ds Max. Bugs in keyframes are fixed! The new algorithm gives the plugin the ability to export key frames for both CAT and Biped animation.   Free version (Not demo) has almost all the features of AxePro.   If you find it useful, please buy the pro version to support development and maintenance of this project.   I welcome any feedback on the plugin as well as any suggestions or corrections you think should be made.   Please feel free to contact me or comment here!

  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Last Updated: 08-11-2023

Recommended Configuration Settings

AXE Free


Extract the dle file into the plugins directory of 3ds Max.
e.g.:   C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2023\plugins


  • Setup your scene and then choose Export or Export Selected from the File menu.
  • Click the 'Save as type' dropdown list where you will find Alin DirectX Exporter.   Choose a file path, and then press OK.   The configuration dialog will appear, which control how the scene data will be converted from 3ds Max to .x file.
  • New options: X-Rot and Z-Rot can be used for custom coordinate system, for example, switch between Y-up and Z-up is very easy: simply set the X-Rot to 90.
  • 3d engine like Irrlicht needs key sequence to take full control of animation speed. You must select Custom in Timeline tab and set to 1, otherwise the animation will be very slow.
  • If there are textures with names in Asian(Chinese, Korean, Japanese) characters, you must set the output format to binary or compressed.
  • Click OK when you finish the configuration.
  • For more specific tips please visit the online help.

X Viewer

DxViewer prov1.0.8 ( 05-17-2016 )DxViewer.zip

New View options: Right-handed, Alpha Blend and Blinn–Phong Lighting


3ds Max ProjectFile
Car: Alpha blend DB9.zip
Normal Map NormalMapPlane.zip
Biped Animation drx.zip
CAT Animation Emma_max2011.zip
Patch Animation tut_tubby.zip
Vertex Color VertexColor.zip
DeclData Test DeclData_Plane1_2011.zip

Import Library Issues and Solutions

DeclData is the most useful template in DirectX File Format Specification, however, it may not be supported by importers like Assimp, if that is the case you can disable this option "Vertex Elements in DeclData".

If you are writing a cross-platform game engine and will support x files, then the x loader ( CXMeshFileLoader.cpp ) in Irrlicht engine is an excellent sample which can import x files without D3DX